Stayin With Ianborg & Crywolf

Ianborg you might remember was in straight up hibernation mode for a lot of 2013.  Well, he’s come back to life and with a vengeance!  Not only working with the Bronze Whale guys (THIS tune), but with the Prfft & Svyable guys and now this work with Cry Wolf he’s gotten some original vocals to work with.  And with Cry Wolf, one of the most awesome collab partners anywhere.  Cry Wolf (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Ianborg (Soundcloud, Facebook) are some really great guys and it stands to reason that when they collab, they work well together and, oh yeah, make great musics.

The tune at ahnd, though, is a great one.  Employing the powerfully emotive vocals of Crywolf with the piano tinged dopeness of the production, gives you the heartmelter that doesn’t turn you into a complete female (unless you ARE a female).  One of those tunes that has enough edge for the dudes to rage and yet enough emotion for the chic’s to groove is always a winner.  Whether in the club, on a roads trip or in your dorm room.  It’s a deal sealer, lemme tell ya.

So grab the free download and thank Crywolf and Ianborg for lending a hand in your night time/weekend exploits.

Crywolf & Ianborg – Stay by Crywolf (Official)

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