Readin Them Tealeaves

YugenWhen the homey SHAM AN (formerly known as xxStunnedTomcat) came at me with his new remix I was stoked.  I loves me some [newly named] SHAM AN (although I’m still trying to get used to hs new name…right after I got used to his original name!) and so I was quick to tear the wrapper off and dig in.  The remix, as expected, is dope.  And then I started the EP that this remix is a part of from the beginning. And I was entranced from the first strains of the opening tune ‘San’.

The EP progresses for three total tunes but when you’re done you feel like you’ve ascended a mountain and have surveyed the curved edges of sky around you. Soaring atmosphere, wonderful synths that contain a tinge of Asian exoticness, and beats that soothe you and relax you without putting you to sleep.

So check the three tunes below, cop the EP on Tealeaf’s Soundcloud and give him and SHAM AN a follow.  Leafing through both artist’s back catalogues will reward you many times over.

It by TeaLeaf`

Voices From War by TeaLeaf`

Voices From War (SHAM AN Remix) by Sham an (XXStunnedTomcat)

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