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Cashmere Cat’s EP dropped last week and everyone went apeshit. When they listened to it they went apeshit again. Because »

Monday nights are usually those things that I pass out through.  The weekend of late nights catches up with me, »

Bronze Whale remixes have been coming out a few at a time the past couple of weeks, and as unabashed »

Jailo and Vices have combined for a sexy Jersey Club joint that brings together the talents of Jailo (Soundcloud, Facebook) »

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Hexes Is Back With That Wicked Heart

So Hexes made his Waxhole debut a few weeks ago (HERE), and he’s come back with a great Valentine’s remix »

Three pack of tunes for your sexy Sunday from D.V.S, Eest Coast, and YYioy for your most chill of days. »

Bedrockk released an EP this past week that clocking in at three tunes is a great little package from Dirty//Clean »

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year where everyone embraces the magic of love. So, when I heard »

Ill-esha, guys.  You know her.  You love her.  And if you don’t well that’s cool, I guess, but you should »

Shlohmo & Jeremih became one of my favorite artist collaborations after their release earlier last year. They must have really »

Deft has long been an artist that we’ve been following because of his Project Mooncircle ties. But this guy is »

Sometimes we give you threepack of tunes.  And sometimes we give you entire EP reviews.  This post, though, will be »

Ok so most of our readers have known about this track for awhile now (remember this remix from Sunday?), and »

Christine Hoberg first came to my attention when she combined forces with the lads of Truth and their remix of »

Ganz is the man, you know.  He’s one of those guys who makes the dopest music and is the one »

True Key, the man out of the wilds of New Jersey dropped a 7 track EP off of Waxhole Records »