P A T H With The Traumatic Exclusive

The dude PATH came out of nowhere.  Like a shot out of a cannon, he dropped a tune appropriately entitled ‘Drip’ (below) that was everything we love here at Waxhole.  So that dropped and I took a keen eye on his future releases and the tunes have not fallen off since then.  Granted they’ve all been a little different, but they’ve all been deep focusing on the beats as a whole rather than formulating a tune around a drop which seems to be trending these days.  Alternating between chill trap, and future beat type stuff (same thing in some circles) the dude keeps dropping those subliminal, sub rumbling beats that are so good at getting the head bobbin’ at a consistent frequency.

So now below we have two tunes of his that showcase why I have been following him so closely, but also a tune he dropped for us on an Exclusive basis.  Entitled T R A U M A, this tune is anything but traumatic for the listener.  If anything it solidifies your love for the guy and his production. The tune almost atypically starts off with the most upbeat vibe of any of his previous tunes, but then drops down soon after into that knee creaking, ass to the floor groove that you are used to. The sub exercising element is still there and midway you’re chilled a little which is really just getting you ready for the wonky feel that concludes the track.

So enjoy the exclusive track, follow P A T H (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love. We thank him for this exclusive and we thank him for providing such dope tunes.

M a g i c by P A T H

D r i p by P A T H

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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