MiniMixes For All of Your Telepathic And Skygazing Needs

TelepathIt’s not often that we post mixes, but the ones you see here are not only mini-mixes and easily digestible for any schedule, but also from an event that is very near to our hearts here at Waxhole.  The blog was started by one guy, the dude JAQUES, but expanded to it’s current state because of  A wonderful site that not only served as a radio for us stuck at our desks throughout the workday but proved to be a great forum to get some of our favorite musicians to play their current or past works as well as give an insight into what they were listening to at the moment.  One of the things we did for a few months was host Waxhole Thursday’s where we would invite producers to come in and share their works for the audience.  We had everyone from K Theory, to Cry Wolf, to Cheapshot, to Rumtum and even though it didn’t last for long it was an awesome experience for everyone involved. So those types of events have always been something I’ve enjoyed immensely.

At the same time there was a user by the name of YoutubeDJ who started throwing events as well and he held those up and continued to put on dope show after dope show.  When ceased to be, it was the end of one stage and the beginning of another as became the forum for his shows.  He threw his latest last Sunday and Monday and had some wonderful artists take part.  If you missed this one, there will be others, don’t fret.

There are three of these minimixes below, but got to Drake’s Soundcloud to get more (HERE). So much goodness abounds and for those who need hours of music to get them through some sort of tedium or work crunch, you have your solution right here.

Somfay – Skygazer [February 23rd 2014] by Somfay / Borealis

Xian & Gaszia – Telepath Mix by Xian Official – “Telepath” 4pm Mix by Snorlax [C.Farwell]

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