M.A.U. Playing Adults

MAU (Soundcloud, Facebook) releases a tune from their upcoming album.  An album that we’ve all been waiting for.  And waiting for a minute as well.  But, it is coming to fruition and this tune shows us the light.  Not only is this tune a precursor for the album to come, but it’s not just the single.  There are remixes as well!  So this tidy little package is great in the sense that it’s new music, and it’s that tease for the album.  From the first tune I heard from this great group from Portugal (way back in 2012!), I was hooked.  Simple, yet emotive, this group knows how to make their special style of indie dance not just make your toes tap and your head bob, but makes your finger reflexively hit that Replay button as soon as the song is over. The remix below from Leitbur makes the tune a slow burn anthem where you can envision a crowd swaying, shouting the chorus, and tons of bitten lower lips.

So this tune is an indie dance goodie, and the remix from Leitbur is great, as well as the remix from theODD (all free download for now, but to show some support, get it from iTunes HERE). And as a bonus I am including a FKA Twigs remix that slipped under my nose, (I’m not too happy about missing it, by the way), but now a month later, I am listening to it again and again because it is THAT good, and now you have it to enjoy!

MAU – Children Playing Adults by M.A.U.

MAU – Children Playing Adults (Leitbur Remix) by M.A.U.

FKA Twigs – Water Me (MAU Remix) by M.A.U.

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