LuQuS Comes With It Once Again

There are some producers who elicit such emotion with every tune it’s hard to listen with an impartial ear. You aren’t supposed to divest emotion from the tunes though are you? If so I’ve been doing it all wrong. LuQuS is one of those guys that can make you turn into a melted mess of emotional goo with the use of his atmosphere, vocal chops and samples, and beat that drives you forward always to a wonderful ending. When you’re done you look around and make sure nobody has seen you hugging yourself and swaying with your eyes closed in the middle of the room. Then, once you see you’ve thankfully hugged it out with yourself on the downlow, you sit down, and hit replay.

Talking to LuQuS there was a reason behind the track, though, more than just his normal output of goodness. A good friend of his passed a few weeks ago and it affected him deeply. One of those friends he assures me that was always positive and a positive influence on his life. The passing was untimely and a small part of what LuQuS could do was to create this track in his memory. LuQuS is one of those guys who has to produce or else go mad, so whil all tracks are extensions of his natural state this one is the same, albeit a somber one.

LuQuS, if you haven’t heard already, is such a talent and I hope you all go listen to all of his past works if you haven’t already. His Soundcloud is chock full of slow burn gems and jams, and if you haven’t already do the followings. He isn’t regressing and hasn’t since we first followed him back in 2012, so he’s definitely a great bet to continue being awesome.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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