Late Night 3 Pack From Lockah, Paces and Dfalt

dfalt40Monday nights are usually those things that I pass out through.  The weekend of late nights catches up with me, then the workplace exhausts me and I eat my bot pocket and I’m out.  Not tonight though.  not tonight when there;s dope music all around me.  Lockah and Dfalt’s tunes actually hit me this morning and I’ve been jamming them all day.  Then the indomitable Ms Gem shows up with this Paces track and well I couldn’t hold onto THREE tunes all by myself could I?

Yeah so the tunes at hand are from some Waxhole favorites Dfalt, and Lockah, and a new one to the blog out of Australia by the name of Paces.

This Lockah (Soundcloud, Facebook) tune is the B-Side to the most excellent and equally longwinded ‘If Loving U Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Wrong” and can be procured right HERE.

The Dfalt (Soundcloud, Facebook) tune below is the first song from his 40 Mornings series. This is going to be a Daily beat drop for 40 days. As a fan and consumer, I am so stoked for 40 days of a beats, especially from someone as dope as Dfalt.  But as a producer sympathizer, I cringe at what Dfalt will be like come the 40th day and whether he will want to throw his laptop out the window.

Then PACES (Soundcloud, Facebook) comes at us with a remix of The Fever’s “Danny T” and it’s about as happy a tune as I have heard in awhile and I love it!

Ayyo Tricknology by Lockah

The Fever (PACES RMX) – Danny T by PACES

Forty Mornings by dfalt

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