Kiings And Cassidy With All The Feels

Kiings, the duo out of the unlikeliest of places (Wisconsin), has given us a gem. Not only is the tune a gem in and of itself, but it is the first glimpse we have of their upcoming album, due this spring. So the fact that this is an original, a true testament to a producer/s talent, and the fact that that it is so good is definitely indicative of said talent. The vocals of Rae Cassidy bring a real powerful beauty to the track, while the sweeping production lends itself so well to her voice.

The production takes a backseat to Rae’s vocals and you know I loves me some Kiings production, but overshadowing this vocalist would be criminal and I’m glad they respectfully let her vocals ring out and persist. As lovely as the vocals are though, there needed to be a backdrop to accentuate and to add that punch, and Kiings did so so admirably well.

Listen to this one, then listen again, then as if you have anything better to do, listen one more time. Follow the Kiings guys (Soundcloud, Facebook) and look out for a few more tunes to drop between this one and the new album. They might just be from the album and they might just be random remixes that they always pop out so well.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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