Ill-esha Shines Us With Her Lighthouse

Ill-esha, guys.  You know her.  You love her.  And if you don’t well that’s cool, I guess, but you should really try harder.  The album she dropped today on the goodness of Gravitas is one of those albums that not only has ill-esha (Soundcloud, Facebook) put a ton of work into (past two years of work actually), but she’s put a ton of emotional sweat into as well.  Being fortunate enough to know ill-esha on apersonal basis, it’s safe to say she’s had a crazy couple of years, so the emotional well was full for the tapping.  While she doesn’t bog you down with her own personal stuff, she throws all of that emotion into her production and songwriting.  You can tell that she’s not just pushing out some saccharin tunes to fit a release deadline (she never does that anyway).

Also you will notice in this release the tone has softened a bit, but the same crunchy bass is there, the same heavy beats persist, but her singing takes such a prominent role you’d almost not believe that just a few years ago her tunes were completely devoid of vocals.  She’s come out of her shell gradually over the past couple of years, and this release highlights that she is fully out and ready to give us all she has behind the knobs and behind the mic.  This first started becoming evident with her Whiplash Recovery album from last year (HERE), and now we have it fully realized here.

So, to the music!  Three tracks below (as per usual) that I think show the true picture of what this release is all about.  The first tune is a tune that was released a few days ago to tease the album, but I wanted to save it for this post to highlight the entire album in its entirety.  ‘Lighthouse’ gives you those sweet sweet vocals with the underlying bass that rumbles your headphones so nicely. In a live setting this is one of those tunes that would tickle your nose with the bass. Then ‘Sanctuary’ chills you out a little bit without giving you pause for rest…just…a less body whipping dance, is all.

Its a tidy package for an expansive vibe and you all should check it, and contribute to the cause (HERE).

Lighthouse by ill-esha

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