Hoberg’s World Within Is So Beautiful

Christine Hoberg first came to my attention when she combined forces with the lads of Truth and their remix of Flight Facilities’ “Claire de Lune”.   Then she showed up with the lads of Kiings and their great tune ‘You Can’t See Me’.  With these two great appearances a trend was emerging, and a trend of collaborations shown forth in my experience.  But with a little digging I found that Christine is soooo much more than guest vocalist.  She has a catalogue of original compositions and vocal work that make my first impression so off base.  But while a little embarrassed by that first assessment, I’m so happy I dug a little bit and found her work.  And now, she has an entire album out for us all to enjoy.

You heard a tune from this album last year (HERE), and now it has dropped and that was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the quality you find on this record. Using just a metronome or her own layered vocals to provide the beat/production/accompaniment, she makes it plain that with a 4 track by her side she could fully entrance you.

The hardest part in all of this is trying to find ONLY three tunes to feature in the post. You need to get the album (HERE), that much is plain, but in order to taste, here are three of my favorites…so far.

J’ai by Christine Hoberg

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