Hexes Is Back With That Wicked Heart

So Hexes made his Waxhole debut a few weeks ago (HERE), and he’s come back with a great Valentine’s remix just for you.  When many of the releases yesterday were of the steamy, sultry variety, Hexes has gone a different route and taken a steamy, sultry tune from back in the day and has turned it up a notch. But don’t worry.  This turning up of a notch hasn’t driven out all senses of romanticness.  I mean come on it’s Chris freaking Isaak!

For those who went out last night with your baby, this tune had you in mind.  A great night out with the lady/guy doesn’t always have to employ candles and bubblebath and cliche stuff like that.  It can be a dance party or a groove party, and this tune fits either of those bills.

So grab this dope remix, follow Hexes (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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