Hearing Wedding Bells With Cashmere Cat

Ok so most of our readers have known about this track for awhile now (remember this remix from Sunday?), and some of you have already heard it multiple times. But for those who haven’t, here you go. We’ve been with CC since the early days so excuse our pile on with the rest of the blogosphere.

“Wedding Bells” by Cashmere Cat is, as expected, another mind bending musical feat. After being debuted on BBC Radio 1 yesterday you can now buy “Wedding Bells,” by CC on iTunes released by LuckyMe Records. The way Cashmere manipulates vocals to sound like instruments, and even in some cases percussion, is simply fantastic. The flute synths and melodies morph together perfectly to bring a music buffet to the ears. With so many varying instruments and drum machines used, this song is yet another great example of the production value that we have come to expect from Cashmere Cat.

Having started in 2003 as a Norwegian born bedroom producer, this talented young man is now selling out shows all over the world. Make sure to check out “Wedding Bells,” and support Cashmere (Soundcloud, Facebook). This groovy track will have you convinced of this guy’s immense talent.

Posted By: Skeems

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