FlamesYall With The ATCQ TributeYall

FlamesYall as a history of ambitious projects.  He’s a UK producer who brings together MC’s from across the ocean and local and he’s done it again with his latest album.  There’s one twist, though.  This album is an homage to the greatness of A Tribe Called Quest.  Back when the golden age of hip hop was fully in swing, ATCQ was a huge part of it.  A time of year that sees J Dilla and Nujabes homages as their days of birth comes and goes and reminds us all of their genius, ATCQ also belongs in the conversation with these luminaries. I know all of this ATCQ love is obvious, but the fact that FlamesYall has taken ATCQ samples, lovingly flipped them and then invited mc’s to contribute their talents is one of those projects I couldn’t pass up. And for some background on these tunes and others of FlamesYall’s catalogue, check his Behind The Music blog right’chere!

The three I’ve chosen to highlight below are my favorite, but check them all out because they are all so good. ‘KiiickCans’ features Goose, who I’m really digging his two tunes on here. The ‘ScenariYall’ features everyone, in true Quest spirit. The last tune below, ‘HustleViiibes’ has a jaunty backbeat while TokyoCigar throws his aggro flow on top. The flow sounds aggro, but he’s a charming dude, or so Flames has told me. Whatever the case, it’s a great threesome of tunes to show you what you’re in store for.

So cop the fee download and give FlamesYall a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook), even if he does have questionable footy allegiances.

KiiickNCans(Goose) by FlamesYall

ScenariYall by FlamesYall

HustleViiibes(TokyoCigar) by FlamesYall

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