Five Tunes to Start/End Your Week On a High Note

Before you Sunday comes to a close, you need this five pack of goodies in your playlist. You know I’m not in the practice of dumping loads of tracks on you just for the fuck of it, but they keep piling up to the point where it’s either throw them out to you or risk being lost to silence. So please excuse my vomitirious(?) nature of this post and indulge me in listening to all of them, yeah?

All of these guys, except for one, Mira Un Lobo, you know, and the likes of KR$CHN, SevnthWonder and ANDREA you know quite well. Le Moti, though hasn’t been as big featured artist on the blog (just this one so far?), but I assure that will be changing. After seeing them a few weeks ago and following them for even longer they produce the sound that we love here on the blog. And Mira Un Lobo? Well lets just say the mystery deepens around this artist/s from Portugal.

So first off we have ANDREA (Soundcloud, Facebook) remixing Cashmere Cat which has been a regular occurrence these days, and why not? When artists of the caliber of ANDREA , Phazz, Stwo and Juan Cristobal are doing it, we as fans WIN!

Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells (Andrea Remix) by Andrea

Then KR$CHN (Soundcloud, Facebook) continues his assault of dope remixes and this time pairs up his production skills with the Chris Malinchak tune, ‘So Good To Me”.  Bringing an almost screwed approach to the tune, he slows down the original and creates such a piece of goodness it has to be replayed again and again.

Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me [KR$CHN Remix] by KR$CHN

SevnthWonder (Soundcloud, Facebook) is the dude I’ve come to know really well and is a guy that is truly spreading his wings as a producer and it’s awesome to see. He is experiemntig without going off the deep end, and evolving without losing his sound. This tune off of Cream Collective just solidifies that he is getting better with each tune.

Sevnth Wonder – Fall 4 U by CREAM COLLECTIVE

Then we have Le Moti (Soundcloud, Facebook), the duo from Pittsburgh who bring live keys to the live shows and the other sports one of the biggest collection of Penguins hockey affiliations I’ve ever seen a producer sport. This isn’t a baseball cap like SuperVision, or a shirt honoring an old Braves logo like heRobust, but this is hat, shirt AND tattoo. Yeah he loves them Penguins. But the music is nothing short of great. When they started they were a happy, funky, sound that bordered on nu disco, house and indie electronic, and has now focused more on the funky and the vibeing. I liked their older stuff, don’t get me wrong, but this newer direction I’m enjoying even more!

LeMoti – Can’t Live [Free D/L] by Le Moti

Mira Un lobo (Soundcloud, Facebook), like I said, is a mysterious apparition that comes with one song, of much goodness. And before you get too wrapped up in the lack of catalogue for such skill, just know there is a bonafide talent behind the knobs.

Mira, un Lobo! – Serotonin by Mira, un Lobo!

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