Cultivating That Beat Garden

Compilations are my weakness. Beats are some of my favorite forms of music. So when there is a Beats compilation, well my day is made. And the fact that Gergaz label, the great label that brings us those great releases from Jimmy Pe and most recently FVLCRVM. This one brings together some of my favorite beatsmiths like Brock Berrigan, Je$u$, Shatter Hands and so many more. Eighteen tracks that bring the fire from start to finish and when Jimmy Pe, and FVLCRvM throw in for the label, it makes it even better.

So I have given you three tunes below that are by no means the best of the bunch, but they are the ones that I think give you a good taste of what is contained. It’s a must have for any beats fan or anyone who just wants a great soundtrack for whatever they need to get doing.

So get down on this compilation check out ALL of the artists and please do follow the label (Official Site, Soundcloud).

Stratasoul – Sherryblossoms by stratasoul

Fallgrapp – Arca Natura by Fallgrapp

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