Bedrockk’s Black & White

Bedrockk released an EP this past week that clocking in at three tunes is a great little package from Dirty//Clean that employs his vocals, his guitar work, and his ever evolving production.  Employing a heavyweight like Nalepa to help with the mastering and you’ve got that Bedrockk sound from back when we first hit on him, but 2 years later, so much more polished and with many more textures.

You might remember last week when we featured one of the tunes from the EP (HERE), and if you dug it you’ll really enjoy the other tunes from the EP.  Bedrockk brings a sort of electronic music that is not seen elsewhere.  Not only is he employing guitar, but his own vocals as well.  Some producers utilize either or, most employ neither and just a select few employ both.  This guy, Bedrockk, is one of those artists.

So yeah, check out Bedrockk (Soundcloud, Facebook), check out his label Dirty//Clean (Soundcloud, Facebook), and go cop this EP (HERE) for your Saturday.

Bedrockk – Night Lights by DIRTY//CLEAN

Bedrockk – Fascinating by DIRTY//CLEAN

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