BAILE Doin Bronze Whale So Good

Bronze Whale remixes have been coming out a few at a time the past couple of weeks, and as unabashed fans of the Bronzies that I am, this is awesome for me. The fact that BAILE, a solo offshoot of Silent Rider, has remixed it is an even better treat, because if Silent Rider’s remix prowess is anything to go off of, the remix was going to be so dope.

BAILE took the stems, reworked the original to make it so much more chill, and a completely different vibe. One of those remixes that you love both the original and the remix equally as much, because they are truly different beasts. That is hard to do, and BAILE has carried it off flawlessly.

The fact that this tune is the very first endeavor of BAILE (Soundcloud, Facebook) is an even more exciting fact because we know there will be more to come and if this is the quality we should expect, well, I’ll be looking forward to every new joint he drops.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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