A Wild Drippy Dolphin Appears!

Drippy Dolphin - OooopsDrippy Dolphin is a new name in the Animal-Alias Secret Jersey Club Producer circle we’ve seen popping up over the past year. I saw the first mention on Trippy Turtle’s most recent tune “Wet” which was dedicated to Drippy Dolphin and naturally went and followed the alias, sitting mysteriously with zero songs and few followers. This morning there was a pleasant surprise in my soundcloud feed from the mystery-producer and here we are!

Drippy Dolphin’s first release is a solid jersey club banger that sits right along with the other animal themed producers, featuring chopped up Britney and Spice Girls vocals and a whole lot of gunshot samples. Unfortunately this one doesn’t have a download available, but you should follow Drippy Dolphin on Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up with this producer’s future releases. This is definitely one to keep an eye on!

♡-Oooops-♡ by Drippy Dolphin

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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