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Great Dane of the wonderful Team Supreme movement threw down his Beta Cat album on Tuesday (HERE) and it is »

It’s not often that we post mixes, but the ones you see here are not only mini-mixes and easily digestible »

Zhu is coming on the scene acting as a newcomer shrouded in mystery. The official website simply does not satisfy »

STYLSS has become one of my favorite names to see pop up on the variety of internet feeds I’ve got »

Ghost Town, yet another of the emerging French producers who are taking over the lush, sexy vibes space in music »

  What we have here is a perfect blend of sunshine and 808 kicks. Melodeyes brings us a remix of »

Snubluck the man, the myth, the legend, has been a part of Waxhole since the very early days (January of »

I don’t really know much about Wallace (, other than that he delivers BANGERS.  These tracks will keep you bobbing »

Following a producer, especially a young one, is always an adventure. You just never know what you’re going to get »

When the homey SHAM AN (formerly known as xxStunnedTomcat) came at me with his new remix I was stoked.  I »

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Three Pack From Mosis, Daktyl, and DAILON

When you have three producers you love drop tunes all within days of each other it’s awesome as a fan. »

Drippy Dolphin is a new name in the Animal-Alias Secret Jersey Club Producer circle we’ve seen popping up over the »

Beats are what makes the world go round. Music without beats is just instruments warming up. So when I get »

The dude PATH came out of nowhere.  Like a shot out of a cannon, he dropped a tune appropriately entitled »

When the Gravy crew announced they were dropping their second compilation (remember their first?) I was so pumped. Another chance »

Virgin Minds is alive!  The duo out of France burst onto the scene back in the fall of 2012 with »