Zebbler Encanti Experienced Get Remixed So Good

Zebbler Encanti Experience is one of those outfits that you have a different cross section of fans.  Some are fans of the visual work this group has done (Shpongle, EOTO, etc.), and some are for the musical work.  Whatever the case may be, Z.E.E. is a force to be reckoned with either through your orbs or your headphones.  The reason for this post though is not just to expound upon the goodness of Z.E.E., but to offer a new and free remix album featuring artists you’ve known through this here blog, (Samples, Digital Connection, Moduloktopus) and some you might not have known such as LOEJ, Shwex, Bwoy de Bhajan, and Bogtrotter.

Well now, you can get introduced and enjoy because while the tunes aren’t 100% Z.E.E., they are so much more, because now you have the wonderful originals (HERE) and well as they wonderful remixes. We, as fans and consumers, are winning so hard with this arrangement. I mean, we have some psydub feeling tunes with the Shwex tune below, some future club stuff with the Moduloktopus remix, to some pure and unadulterated whompatronic glitch from Samples (also below).

So go grab the EP (HERE) from our good friends of Gravitas, and show all of the artists some love.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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