Wonder Nexus and Vital Take Us Dreaming

Wonder Nexus, Vital It gives me great pleasure to introducer Waxhole readers to artists we’ve never featured before, and Harmonious Discord’s latest release allows me to do just that. Wonder Nexus (Soundcloud, Facebook) is a creator of lush dance grooves for late night moves. One that I have personally had a chance to play quite a few shows with and would describe each experience as pure fun. Most of Wonder Nexus’s tracks are unique as he often plays quite comfortably in a 3/4 time signature, or a Waltz. That coupled with a very fun glitchy break, crunchy bass, and mysterious sounding synths makes up a genre he calls “Pixie Crunk.” While “Peregrine” lends more to the standard 4/4 time signature we’re all familiar with and a more progressive chill vibe; he still manages to weave his own brand of playful wonderment though out this track. A perfect opener for the Discordian Dreaming 7 release.

Don’t make the mistake of just grabbing one track off this release. It’s chock full of other great artists including one who isn’t a stranger to Waxhole, Vital (Soundcloud, Facebook). While we are familiar with the deep dubby sounds of Vital this time he flexes his producer muscles to show us he’s not to be cornered into one genre. “How It All Began” offers us a wonderfully deep Tech House cut. With a classic beat, solid bass, and stabby synths to shake your hips to. This coupled with an interesting interview style vocal sample discussing the early club days is sure to be included in the creates of quite a few DJ’s. Just as the whole release of Discordian Dreaming 7 should be in your next playlist.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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