Video Contest courtesy of Stylust Beats

So we’ve seen plenty of remix competitions, even hosting one ourselves, and those are all great.  Really they are.  Especially when artists you like are the subject.  But we don’t normally see contests of this nature.  A video contest that not only grants the winner an inclusion on the official Stylust Youtube, but one trip to the beautiful Envision Festival in Costa Rica.  One of those destination festivals I for one, have always wanted to head out to.

One thing that I know about our great readers is that while you are all great producers and connoisseurs of the audial goodness, you are all talented as hell as well.  Visual artists, i don’t know, but I’m sure one of you could definitely get this thing won and wrapped up.

So ok guys, go HERE for the details and get the contest won!


Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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