Stylust Beats Bringin Us That Exclusive and Q&A

Stylust Beats is one of those guys that you’ve seen if you’ve gone to any Bass shows or festivals.  One of those producers who brings the heat whenever the lights go on and he fires up the gear.  And this guy is not just a one trick pony.  He isn’t a live show only kinda guy.  No, this guy produces some banging tunes and even collaborates with rapper Emotionz.  His album RYFSO that was released a few months ago and it is still as jamming as when it came out.  Now, he is coming to Waxhole’s backyard in Austin to celebrate opening up a new club Vinyl (Check it here if you’re in town!). And to mark the occasion, he’s given us a dope remix to give you all to jam to.

And as for the video contest put on by Stylust, the winner will be announced today, so peep Stylust’s page/s below to see who won as well as to see the winning video.

To celebrate all of the great things going on, he’s given us a dope remix to give you all to jam to.

And then as if this all wasn’t awesome enough, the man was kind enough to give us a Q&A below to read while you jam the tune above:

Waxhole: Your sound and live sets are just so tailor made for the festival setting, but you kill in a club setting as well. What is your favorite setting to play?
Stylust:I like playing anywhere that the vibes are legit and sound is on point. Sometimes a small club jam packed can go off just as a big festy set. Nothing beats the great outdoors tho haha

Waxhole: Four months later and I’m still jamming to your last album RYFSO. Were you always planning on a 10 track LP or did that just happen through the process?
Stylust: I was always aiming for around a 10 song album. Ended up making a whole bunch of tunes which i narrowed down to 9, then did blotter acid at the last minute and decided to throw it on there. I really wanted to make an album you could listen to front to back at home rather than just in a crazy party setting.

Waxhole: With that one turning out so well, you have more plans for an album?
Stylust: Ya definitely, already got some new ones that I’m really excited about, don’t have a set project yet but will definitely be released this summer. Next move is we’re gonna release the RYFSO remix album which is gonna be crazy, already have some huge names and large tunes coming in every week for that. Gonna be releasing that by launching my new “Sleeveless Records” label so definitely keep an eye out for that…

Waxhole: That album had a track with a vocalist, Saratonin, which was dope. You have any plans to work with more vocalists?
Stylust: For sure, I’ve always loved working with songwriters and musicians, building hooks and adding more organic vibes to the tunes. I started out producing for MC’s and songwriters so its kinda how I’ve always done things.

Waxhole: You’ve recently launched a video contest. What was your inspiration for doing this kind of unique contest?
Stylust: Actually it was gonna be a normal remix contest for producers but I had the idea last minute to add on a video contest to it as well. After throwing the idea around the team we decided to focus primarily on the video contest since it was something kinda fresh and new and we already had so many good remixers on board for the remix album. Ended up turning out really good with some absolutely amazing submissions.

Waxhole: What do you look for in a good video?
Stylust: I’m pretty ADD so anything that really grabs my attention and fits the song really…

Waxhole: You started out spinnin hip hop and I love how you bring that into your production. Do you produce tunes specifically for Emotionz or does he take tracks of yours and just flow over the top? How does that collaboration work?
Styust: We’ve worked together for a long time now so it’s changed a bit over the years. It started out with me just making hip hop beats and shopping them around to different MC’s. I was always stoked to get a beat cd into Emotionz hands because he always came with the freshest shit haha So that turned into us working on a full length project called “Kush” in 2009 (peep that if you haven’t yet!) where I produced the majority of the tunes specifically for him and we kinda shaped the project together. These days we just keep each other posted on our upcoming projects and make sure we come with the heats. Maybe I’m Dreaming is def one of my favs on the record.

Waxhole: What is the one thing (besides gear) that you bring with you on every tour?
Stylust: haha this is pretty retarded but I bring an oversize red gummy bear night light. helps out at random times. that and stickers haha

Waxhole: What is usually the one activity that almost always gets you fired up to get back in the studio.
Stylust: Usually when I feel like I have a little writers block or whatever I look for new samples, or synths etc. Lately its been the Subpac (official site) tho. Shouts out to Zach and the Subpac fam for hooking it up, been a game changer.

Waxhole: You’re heading to Envision Festival again this year. This, plus Shambahla are two of the international festivals I have always wanted to go to. What is the next Int’l festy on your bucket list?
Stylust: I’ve only heard crazy things about Outlook Festival in Croatia. That would be really cool.

Waxhole: You’ve played a lot of cities in the States and Canada. What’s your favorite city to play and which city has the best food?
Stylust: Haha i can’t really answer that all the cities are fun in their own ways. Food wise – Austin, TX their bbq and street food are off the hook. Gotta love all the sushi in Vancouver too..

Waxhole: I didn’t realize you and Pigeon Hole were homies. Does watching them do their crazy thing inspire you to step out from behind the decks and throw down some rhymes?
Stylust: haha ya maybe one day, I freestyle a bit, but only drunk at after parties tho..

Waxhole: You’ve been producing for a bit. Your sound has obviously evolved, but what would you say was the first production breakthrough you h that made your music take a few jumps forward?
Stylust: I feel like it took me about 5 years to really find my sound. Since then I’ve just been trusting my instincts and making whatever I feel like that day. Also really learning how to properly mix a tune can really take it to the next level too

Waxhole: Are you more at home in the studio or on the stage?
Stylust: I enjoy both really. The traveling aspect is fun but the feeling of making a new tune you’re stoked on is pretty awesome too

Waxhole: Your mixes always have really dope and current heaters in there. How do you stay current with the music scene? Soundcloud and YouTube like the rest of us or do you rely on other methods?
Stylust: Yeah pretty much, definitely have a few talented homies that send me stuff which always helps. I like playing the homies stuff

Waxhole: You’re coming back to Texas this weekend. What’s the best thing about Austin for you?
Stylust: SXSW and Salt Lick BBQ Ranch!

Waxhole: Thanks for your time and looking forward to seeing you at Vinyl!
Stylust: You’re welcome! See ya there 🙂

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