Ruff Draft With The Home.coming

Ruff Draft is a name I hooked into by following the Team Supreme stuff (I think?) and I’m so glad for the introduction. This guy has been putting out some great stuff ever since I hooked into his Soundcloud feed and below are some examples.

The first tune, his latest is one of thoe ambient, chill beats kinda thing that he does so so well. Juxtapose that with the third track below, and you will see that this Bay Area denizen can do different styles and do them well. The fact that he can flow from different styles and feelings so effortlessly is really very refreshing and lovely.

The second tune, a remix of of Flying Lotus is as ambitious for a beatsmith as you can get. The fact that he carries it through and does oh so well with it is a testament to his skill and sound.

So get at you some Ruff Draft (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy the sounds.  He brings something new every time.

Home.coming by RUFF ÐR∆FT

Flying Lotus – Puppet Talk (Ruff Draft Rmx) by RUFF ÐR∆FT

Strugle.fight by RUFF ÐR∆FT

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