Pluto Dash Proving Music = Art

pluto dashAs someone who is always on the lookout for new and good sounds we have to take our inspiration or cues from our networks around us.  It’d be nice if we could find everything ourselves, but if you’re not using your networks, then you’re not getting the best out there.  Whether drawing from radio shows/podcasts, or from friends of the blog, or even from artists who we follow, you take whats there, and if it’s good you post it.  No matter who ‘found’ it first, your ears are the important part of the equation, and your ears could give a flying fuck who found it first.  At least that’s our assumption based on how our own waxholes operate.

This EP from Pluto Dash was one of these recommendations from artists who we follow, (as well as is a friend of the blog. Score!) Subp Yao, and I’m so glad he’s turned me onto not only the EP but the artist as well.  Out of Holland, Pluto Dash (Soundcloud, Facebook) gives us a great bass-laden EP featuring Filosofischestilte, and Eigenheimer, as well as remixes from Luisterwaar and Uncon Sci, and provide a tasty little package of 6 tracks that border on chill beats, melodic bass, footwork and trap without fully giving in 100% to any specific genre.  That’s what I love about this EP is that it appeals to some of the best things about a few different genre, and not letting your brain get too comfy with one style for to long.

Mosey on over to the EP (HERE), and cop it for a Pay What You Wanna kind of deal and get introduced to these artists.  Some of them are new to me, but I gladly accept the homework assignment of finding out more about them.  Homework can definitely be fun.

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