Pattni And Mac Making Soulful Magic

Sid Pattni was a big artist for the blog in 2012. We featured his EP, and some singles from after that as well as featuring one of his originals on our first Chilled Wax compilation, and then we didn’t hear or feature anything else. Well he’s back, folks, and I, for one, am so happy he’s back. This cat isn’t one of those one trick ponies where one EP sums up a career. No, this tune here, featuring the beautiful vocals of Meg Mac shows he’s most definitely not done with our ears.

The tune, off of Pilerats Records is just a portent of things to come as well.  2014 is going to see more of Pattni (Soundcloud, Facebook) and that gets me really excited.  He starts rolling out tunes like this, and it should excite you all as well.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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