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One tune is all you get on this one. I’d love to give you more, but this guy has only »

Flamingosis (US, NJ-Based) is an artist with a true skill for sampling.  His new album titled “Flamingosis” just came out »

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CloZee With The Parisian Chill

Ohh CloZee…the wonderful producer who is known for her glitch stylings, her dance routine soundtracks and her wonderful acoustic guitar »

 Unsub (Soundcloud, Facebook) has got to be one of the hardest working young producers out there. Four months ago she »

Just before your Sunday concludes and you think the music is fading into the upcoming week, there are some tunes »

In case you’ve had your head buried in the music sand on Thursday the trap band trio of Keys N »

LuQuS has been one of those artists that we;ve been following since the very early days of both the blog »

It gives me great pleasure to introducer Waxhole readers to artists we’ve never featured before, and Harmonious Discord’s latest release »

It has been awhile since I’ve extolled the virtues of Poldoore, the Belgian funkmaster who always brings the soul to »

If you’re a fan of Team Supreme like I am, you lap up anything they throw down before it even »

In the blog game sometimes you wait for just the right time to introduce an artist.  Y’know, getting the tickertape »

MOOSE Records (Soundcloud, Facebook) has put out another MOOSE Tape, you guys! It once again brings together some favorites as »

Jersey Club is one of my favorite genres to watch grow. It really exploded near the start of last summer »

I do loves me some electro funk, and usually when I think of this genre, Archnemesis is right there ready »

Gloom off of Tipping Hand Records has given us a nice debut EP (HERE) that is as luscious as it »

Drrtywulvz is a one of those dudes who is on the come up. Not so much in terms of massive »