Man Mantis With Majestic Dimensions

Many times when you roll through an after party some time between 3 – 5 AM the choice of music is either iPod driven, amateur DJ driven or your own internal soundtrack as you flit in and out of drunken/stoned clarity. One after party I was lucky enough to attend featured the work of Man Mantis. This particular set was full of textures and vibes and each song built off the previous one to create something so very very good. Now of course there was enhanced state of mind things happening, but when listening to his stuff in the daylight, it was clear to see that this guy knows what he’s doing.

After hounding him for months, he’s finally given us an EP, and just the 1st Part, which means that there are more to come (YAY!). So to this EP, a 4 track effort that has the three instrumental pieces along with the 4th track featuring Nocando and Decomposure (rap and vocals). Below you will see three of the tunes I liked most below.

Oscelot opens the EP and you really need to listen to this on the headphones. If there is anything I’ve learned from following Man Mantis (Official Site, Soundcloud), it’s that A) you catch something new every time you listen top a song and B) the textures in all of his tunes combine to make atmospheric vibey goodness. By the time you get to the second tune you’re flying in a soaring vibe either over canyons roiling with white water or fields of clover or brightly lit urbanscapes with the twinkling lights syncopating with the tunes. Kalimba continues that soaring feeling with a more island feel and by the time you hit the fourth tune, you’ve experienced so much in such a short period of time.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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