LuQuS Has Got This Shhht!

LuQuS has been one of those artists that we;ve been following since the very early days of both the blog and his career. When we got turned onto his amazing remix of UTRB’s song ‘Pressure’ we were fully hooked. And he’s done nothing but reward us for our patronage and love. He’s as good of a dude as he is a musician, and this always makes following him so much better. So when we blogged his tune with Magdelena Wolk a few months ago, I knew it was to be a part of an EP and now that it is here, it’s all it was cracked up to be. Featuring a collab with the equally as talented RIT, as well as a track featuring Alina Baraz who with her Galimatias and ESTA work is now a household name, this EP has got some real slow burn heaters.

You can get this EP (HERE) for a very reasonable price and when you have all of the goodness the rice is irrelevant. Especially when factoring in all of the beauty LuQuS (Soundcloud, Facebook) has given us lucky fans over the years, this purchase is a no-brainer.

Whatever you do, though, just check out the EP first and foremost.  It’ll definitely make your Sunday that much more beautiful.

LuQus – Needles On The Tree (feat. Alina Barez) by LuQuS

LuQus – Heaven’s No Place by LuQuS

LuQuS & RIT – Silence ♛Forthcoming on SILENCED♛ by LuQuS

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