K Theory, TYR, Ill-Esha, and DOT Get Us Jammin’

Alright folks. It’s Wednesday morning and I, for one, need octane, caffeine and whatever else will arise this corpse of a person trying to function. Thankfully we have tunes for that, because this giant cup of ciffee sure hasn’t broken through and given me that go juice that IO so desperately need.

Four tunes here that need your attention, your love, and your replay button mashing. All of these artists have been featured on the blog numerous times and so they don’t really need too much flowery prose (which is good because I’m just not in that frame of mind right now) or too many exaltations to give them a follow wherever and however possible. Although, on second though, let’s do those followings, yeah?

K Theory has had a bumpy end of 2013, but the beginning of 2014 is definitely looking up. Touring is about to crank up, and now this single they dropped last night when they though nobody was looking. I was looking, gents. I was.

Good Times by K Theory

Then there’s TYR with his great remix of Deuce & Charger with a light hearted tune that gives you some good vocals and sounds like it might be going towards a pop EDM tune, and then TYR abolishes those silly notions with his bass and his synth line that adds that bassface invoking head nod.

Always Broke ft. Benn Moore (TYR Remix) – Deuce & Charger by TYR

Then we have ill-esha who you all know we love here at Waxhole. And when you listen to this tune below from Slit Jockey Records, you can see why. Oh and stay tuned for a new album from ill-esha to be dropping a little later this week from the great dudes of Gravitas Records.

ill-esha – Galactic Halo (forthcoming Monday Jan 20th) by Slit Jockey Records

Last but definitely not least, the newest tune of the bunch, still wet with the morning dew, is DOT’s remix of the Lion Kngs’ tune Zamunda off of that EP we covered just on Monday. It’s one of those tunes that adds an element you thought had already been covered adequately in the original.


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