K Theory Gets Remix Happy

Soooo K Theory, the great dudes who are some of the busiest guys in the industry have been churnin’ out the remixes.  Even while one member is laid up for awhile, the other 2 member keep doin’ their thing.  And us fans, well, we end up the winners.  Because K Theory doesn’t just put out dope tunes, but they also give that stuff away on the free tip or cheap and again…we fans are the winners.

First we have a remix of some new school Drake, adding bass that would probably make him cry, just a little bit. Then there’s the the classic ‘Hey Ya’ that includes probably the best breakdown at the 2 minute mark that approaches the most bubbly I’ve ever seen of them. Then as if taking on new school and old school royalty wasn’t ambitious enough, they took on The Don, Jay-Z and crushed that one too.

You know K Theory by now if you’ve been reading us for any time at all, so if you haven’t already, get to know.

Drake – Best I Ever Had (K Theory Remix) by K Theory

Outkast – Hey Ya (K Theory Remix) by K Theory

Jay Z – 99 Problems (K Theory Remix) by K Theory

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