A Jersey Trifecta Has Formed!

August Alsina - Sucka (DJ Sliink & DJ Hoodboi & Trippy Turtle Remix)Jersey Club is one of my favorite genres to watch grow. It really exploded near the start of last summer but has been going strong since then. Several notable names have popped up in this time, such as DJ Hoodboi, and Trippy Turtle (recently signed to Windish), who have their own individual unique takes on the genre. DJ Sliink is also a familiar name, with dozens and dozens of solid club releases under his belt and regular DJ gigs with the Cartel Music and Brick Bandits crews.

If you’re savvy to those names, then you can understand my excitement of seeing all of them together on one track. The end result is as good as you would expect, with each producer adding in their unique Jersey Club inflections without the song sounding crowded or disjointed.

Don’t sleep on this one, this one’s hot off the press, and the club gods have fortunately blessed us with a FREE DOWNLOAD which you can find here. While you’re at it, show DJ Sliink (Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud), Trippy Turtle (Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud), and DJ Hoodboi (Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud) some love.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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