Gettin Lost In An Archnemesis Free For All

I do loves me some electro funk, and usually when I think of this genre, Archnemesis is right there ready to be counted.  Another one of those producers who believes in giving everything back to the fans the tunes are always free and to this point, always jammin.  Usually while listening to Archnemesis you cannot stop your ass from groovin, your toes from tappin, and your head from bobbin.  And on those rare occasions where neither of the above are happening, well we just need a medical professional to check for a pulse.

This latest EP, a 4 track affair that is entitled ‘Free For All’ which sums up some of the dancefloors I’ve seen at Archnemesis shows, and sums up the music on the EP as well.  While always funkin it out, there is always something a bit new or unexpected in every tune.  The horns in the opening track get me every time, and the wubyness of the second track get the lip curlin oh so good.

So take Archnemesis (Soundcloud, Facebook) up on their Free For All and enjoy!

My Dream Last Night by Archnemesis Music

Lose Control by Archnemesis Music

Free For All by Archnemesis Music

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