FVLCRVM Takes It Up A Notch

Ok so I’ve never heard of FVLCRVM, but I do know Gergaz label and when they put something out, I’m always keen to listen.  And I’ve now listened to his EP three times now. Granted I have my favorites from the EP (those below), but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the EP isn’t worth the perusal.

The first full tune, though, is wat cements the entire EP for me. It’s one really great tune and is worth getting the EP just on the merits of this one. Using some lilting vocals that you usually find in some beatsmithing materials, FVLCRVM employs some jukey goodness to fill it out into a wonderful tune all on it’s own. Then with the tune Yummy, we have some future garagey goodness, and when the EP concludes with the wonderful and soulful ‘That’s The Way It Goes’, you taken a trip down a lot of Future paths. Future House, Future Garage, Future Juke even, and the intro is Future something. I know I probably use the term ‘Future’ a bit much, but on this EP, it fits the bill.

So yeah check out the EP, go grab it HERE, and give the dude a follow on his Soundcloud or his Facebook. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s next!

Gospel of Juke by FVLCRVM

Yummy! by FVLCRVM

That’s The Way It Is by FVLCRVM

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