Future Beats For Everyone

Future Beats.  It’s a burgeoning genre and it seems everyone is trying to hop on the train.  Future Beats can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Future Garage, Future Soul, Future Trap even.  All genres for the genrebators out there of which I am definitely not one.  So when I got introduced to The Future Beats Show, a weekly radio show run out of the UK by DJ Complexion, I was certainly skeptical.  Granted I wasn’t there at the beginning, so I’m not sure if there was an evolution or if it was always this sound, but that matters not, because it’s a wonderful venue for getting the Future Soul, or Future RnB vibes.  Whatever the case, this show coupled with the weekly Saturday Soulection show is a great way to stay connected to this new sound of which you know I’m a big fan of.

This post is to highlight the great work done by Complexion and his show.  Introducing me to artists I’d never heard of as well as giving a larger voice to some of our favorite artists and friends of the blog, it’s one of those shows where everyone wins.  There is no pretension to the picks, just a pick of whatever sounds good at the moment.  Getting exclusives, and playing those unheard gems is always the icing on the cake for those of us always on the hunt for the newest of the new.

Run by the man, Complexion, this guy is a hard working DJ (he pulled an 8 hour set on New Years!  8 hours!!!) around the UK that keeps in tune with what is hot not only on the dance floor but in the bedrooms as well, and he’s got a great radio personality as well which makes listening to the shows so much easier.

So check out Complexion (Soundcloud, Facebook) and start tuning into the live shows Wednesday nights UK time, or for us who are occupado during this time, archived on the Soundcloud.  You’ll get a lot of artists you’ve maybe never heard before, or artists you’ve been jammin for awhile.  Either way you win.

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