FKA Twigs So Great With EP 2

FKA Twigs has been leaking tunes almost one a month culminating in this EP 2 (Buy HERE) that you see below that dropped in September. Future Pop, Future Trip Hop, Future whatever works here because this shit is so great. Atmospheric, with intensely dark undertones, the vocals paired with the production sounding at times Kate Bush, Beth Gibbons (Portishead), and Ambersunshower (Tricky), give you that juxtaposition of stark vocals and lush production that you do not get too much of these days.

This EP, a while in the making, is so very good and for this singer, collaborating with Arca can only help. But whether or not the production style continues to be so very dark and fantastic, I don’t care because EP 2 is as fantastically and hauntingly good as EP 1 was ethereal and bubbly abstract.

This is one of those EPs where you will see why this is one we’ve pipped to highlight and my words won’t do it any merit. So here, have at it and enjoy. The fact that each track has an accompanying video to enjoy, well that m,akes it oh so much better. Check them all out on her Youtube channel for that enhanced experience.

How’s That by FKA Twigs

Papi Pacify by FKA Twigs

Water Me by FKA Twigs

Ultraviolet by FKA Twigs

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