Figuring Out Left/Right’s Puzzle

I have been a fan of Left/Right for awhile now. While he’s one of those musicians who is in my own backyard, for one reason or another I never knew this or saw him until relatively recently. Admiring his work from afar has always been rewarding and admiring his work in a live setting is even better. And to know the man, is an even bigger treat because this guy is not just a random knob tweaker. This guy has visual chops, he is a musical engineer whose fingers are in a lot of well-known works, and oh yeah he’s at the forefront of the local scene trying to get the more future elements of music a chance and a voice.

So it is with great joy that I give to you the tune ‘Puzzle’. It’s a powerful tune that was unleashed in the sands of this past Burning Man and in the sense of a fleeting experience as Burning Man can be, this tune is only given out to his fans and followers for a limited time. But we, will be making it available for you for whenever you want to hear or download, because it is that good.

So enjoy this tune, follow Left/Right (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show this guy some love. He has so much going on that you’re bound to find something you enjoy of his…or 5.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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