Eekoz New Release Rules

Eekoz We bring you another release from Otodayo Records, the free music label that Tha Trickaz recently started. This time they are releasing two tracks from Waxhole new comers, Eekoz (Soundcloud, Facebook). The Pharaoh EP is a two track affair that offer us a very exciting auditory journey. First up is the title track “Pharaoh.” Just as powerful as the name sounds, this track starts with a hard hitting 140 bpm assault with bass, synths, and cuts to fit the earthly incarnation of a god king. Watch out this is a switch up though. After the awe inspiring breakdown, Eekoz brings it back with a 170 bpm Drum n Bass edit to the song.

The second track, “Child Story” starts in a different motif with emotional piano and vocal chops. When the beat kicks in this could be turned into a music video complete with ballet and breakdance choreography to accompany this epic ballad. Definitely a slow motion dance-floor destroyer if used properly in a set. Don’t forget to show your appreciation for Otodayo Records giving you these tracks for free. A “heart” and a share goes along way when you don’t have to pay for music.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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