Drrtywulvz With Some Massive Ideas

Drrtywulvz is a one of those dudes who is on the come up. Not so much in terms of massive huge publicity (yet!), but rather the fact that everything he is producing these days is straight up goodness. You remember his class Bronze Whale remix, and now you see an original that elicits the psydub vibes and really puts you in the mood to just zone out and let the music take over.

And as for 2014, this tune is just the beginning. Many more tunes are forthcoming and they ae quite good. Get ready!

Attached to the nice little Massive Ideas compilation, along with Soulular, Soulacybin, Bit Deff, and Devin Kroes, this tune concludes the EP making you want to hear it all over again…and again.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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