Damn I Love Vocals!

Yeah I love vocals.  Female vocals are my weakness, but male vocals do it right as well.  So when these three tunes hit my feed (Ganou was a refereral) I was solely prepared to like each one. And not only am I liking, but I’m so digging these tunes that I can’t get enough. One tune, a single from an EP, one a tune picked from many off of an outstanding LP, and one a single produced by one of those guys I truly dig.

The first track is from Solomon Grey (Soundcloud, Facebook) off of his new EP out on Black Butter Records, and while the vocals live in the falsetto harmony sometimes feeling like they are going to spin out into the atmosphere, they come back down closer to earth and bring you back with some great horns and some great acoustic guitar work. Loving this song so much and when listening to the EP it is from, well yeah, it becomes less intrgueing and more definitive to buying the whole shebang.

Solomon Grey – Last Century Man by Solomon Grey

Ganou (Soundcloud, Facebook) comes at us with this track that is from her 10 track LP named ‘Catharsis’. Listening to the lyrics you can get the title, but the vocals are what caught me more than the words. It’s an understated voice that has more of an emotive power rather than sheer force. The production is quite good as well, and while at times can threaten to drown out Ganou, this never happens as the back and forth of the production and vocals works every time (Check the tune ‘Waves’…so good!). Get at the album as it is available for free on her Soundcloud, and get to know this wonderful songstress.

Let Me Live It by GANOU

Ego Ella May (Soundcloud, Facebook), produced by IAMNOBODI concludes this three pack of vocals with a Soulection special. The most RnB joint of the three, it has great production, courtesy of IAMNOBODI, and while he’s perfectly capable of bossing a track, he’s let Ella May do the driving providing the backdrop for her to boss herself.

Ego Ella May – Underwater by SOULECTION

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