CloZee With The Parisian Chill

Ohh CloZee…the wonderful producer who is known for her glitch stylings, her dance routine soundtracks and her wonderful acoustic guitar covers. You know her from our numerous posts here on the blog and now she’s opened up Waxhole Records’ account with her 2 track EP, Larcin.

Written for two specific dancers, these tunes elicit a sense of wonderment and technical beauty that you don’t get a lot of in music these days, and CloZee has shown that she can not only hold her own, but excel with this tough medium. Not relying on vocals, or samples or any production tips, she has to weave a tableau of sonic realness that for the original purpose would be the backdrop for dancers, yet listening to them on their own without that visual accompaniment shows that your own mind develops your own dance, and your own performance whether organic and of human form, or of a more electronic and digital form, the tunes take you to many places, in just two tunes.

So check out the tunes, give us a shout if you like and look forward to more from the label arm of Waxhole. Oh and if you’re new to the blog, give CloZee (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow and show her some love.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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