Brock Berrigan Does It Again

In the blog game sometimes you wait for just the right time to introduce an artist.  Y’know, getting the tickertape parade organized, the red carpet unfurled, and the A-List guestlist assembled, ready to announce this artist to you all.  Then as all of this work or time passes, the artist working on his own schedule (thankfully!) keeps releasing goods.  This, my friends is what has happened here with Brock Berrigan’s newest LP, Four Walls And An Amplifier.  I’ve been following him for awhile and have really wanted to introduce him to you all ad this LP is a perfect way to do so.  Granted he has more albums in his back catalogue which are also quite dope, but this one is new, my friends!  It still has the new LP smell to it and even though some of the tunes might pull from an older day and age, the tunes are still fresh and bumpin. And if you’ve followed Berrigan for any length of tme you know this guy is as consistent as they come in terms of putting out quality content. Every time he throws down, you are left thinking that’s some good good stuff! Every time.

Three tracks below highlight some of my favorites of the 17(!) total tunes, but I will say that it has taken me a day or two to pare down my selection of favorites to just the three.  And the fact that this here album is only 5 bones for purchase, just solidifies the sale.  I mean, I don’t have to tell you, the discerning musical connoisseur, of how mush of a deal this is. Brock Berrigan (Soundcloud, Facebook) just keeps on rollin’ and waits for no man (or blogger!).

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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