3 Pack Of Sunday Tunes From Andrea, SevnthWonder, & I Kicked A Cloud Once

Just before your Sunday concludes and you think the music is fading into the upcoming week, there are some tunes you need to hear first.  One from ANDREA, one from SevnthWonder, and one from I Kicked A Cloud Once.  Three remixes that make you remember how awesome life is with the great music all around you.

The ANDREA remix, of Say Lou Lou can be picked up HERE and just this remix makes it worth the purchase.  Andrea gets really very lovely with this one, not only including the vocal chops he;s so good at, but the powerful atmosphere that is as emotive as it is chilling. The fact that this remix drops while ANDREA (Soundcloud, Facebook) is busy cranking out an album that everyone is going to thoroughly enjoy (Trust me!) just shows that this guy knows how to put in the work, just as he knows how to create the greatness.

Then we have this wonderful Lapalux remix from I Kicked A Cloud Once. One of those tunes that takes a really great different spin on a class original tune. IKACO (Soundcloud, Facebook) just slows it down, adds some wonky textures and confuses your brain with the vibes that make you wonder what exactly the original was again?

Then to get you back to the more sexy vibes it’s SevnthWonder’s remix of ‘Priceless’, bringing in RillaForce to provide support and vocals? It’s one of those great tunes that SevnthWonder (Soundcloud, Facebook) just seems to always come through with.

Say Lou Lou – Better In The Dark (Andrea Remix) by Andrea

Lapalux – IAMSYS (I Kicked A Cloud Once, Remix) by I Kicked A Cloud Once

Joe – Priceless (RillaForce x SevnthWonder Remix) by SevnthWonder

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