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Many times when you roll through an after party some time between 3 – 5 AM the choice of music »

Last time we checked with Phazz, he was sitting back and admiring remixes from his outstanding EP from last year.  »

Yeah I love vocals.  Female vocals are my weakness, but male vocals do it right as well.  So when these »

When Rumtum surfaces with a new tune we’re all a tizzy.  Why, you might ask?  Well take a look at »

TrailerTV is back folks! The great people from south eastern Londonway have gotten another great line-up to broadcast to the »

Elaski is a new one on my radar and was very quick to catch my ear. This 19 year old »

Finally this tune hits…I’ve been sitting on it for so long and have heard so many permutations that for it »

Jacuzzi is one of my new favorite artists. He popped up on my radar near the end of last year »

Phazz’s EP Marbles from a few months back was one of the best things to happen in 2013.  Now he »

Out of nowhere, Skanky’s put out a brand new remix of Big Voyage’s R&B jam “Can’t Stand The Wait“. The »

Stylust Beats is one of those guys that you’ve seen if you’ve gone to any Bass shows or festivals.  One »

Ianborg teaming up with Bronze Whale works. It just does. The fact that they’ve done it before (HERE) is testament »

Yesterday we had a fourpack of tunes from some regulars here on the blog, and today, we have this four »

We bring you another release from Otodayo Records, the free music label that Tha Trickaz recently started. This time they »

Alright folks. It’s Wednesday morning and I, for one, need octane, caffeine and whatever else will arise this corpse of »

Jailo and Kappa Kavi, two dudes who have been doing good things on their own and now they’ve teamed up »