Welcome To Doggtown? Welcome To Fire!

Doggtown (Soundcloud, Twitter), the absolute bomber of a collective has been leaked.  I was told of this confluence of basstastic, trap goodness artists a few weeks back and this is the first physical evidence of said confluence of basstastic…well, you know.  So the fact that Ganz, Subp Yao, Beaudamian, Guerilla Speakerz, and Boeboe have combined to not only throw down some tunes, but a label too means that we’ll not only see more from this collection, but some releases as well.  The Dutch crew (including Karimo, and Ziedan) for video and visual productions,  is ready to set fire to the soundscape of what we all think of how bass trap should sound. I’m not a genre guy, but for those who are, prepare to tick off your list of genres and sub-genres with this crew.

So let’s meet the dudes of Doggtown, shall we?  First things first, we have the man Subp Yao (Soundcloud, Facebook), who you might know of from various Saturate Records releases, but a dude who has his fingers in so many genre pies, you’re sure to know him from somewhere.  His taste for the wonky, but oh so heavy bass, and the Jersey Club bangers is sure to please anyone who has an ass that shakes.

Conrank – Boy Tell Em (Subp Yao Remix) by Subp Yao

Then there’s Boeboe (Soundcloud, Facebook), who’s one of those quiet dudes who carries a big stick, tho. He never disappoints with anything he does, whether it be remix, collaboration or original. You remember his bangin EP from a few months ago? Yeah, straight up fire. The tune below, remixing a great tune from fellow Dutch Master, Jailo is part and parcel of how he destroys anything he puts his hands on. And if the image of him and that fucking dog from the video doesn’t make you love him and the collective even more, then I don’t know how to help you.

Jailo – Clip After Clip (Boeboe Remix) by Passing Tones

So you want more? Well have at some Ganz (Soundcloud, Facebook), yeah? The man who is on fire of late is steady killin things and for great reason. His special blending of heavy trap and bass with melody and a slight dose of ‘feels’ is so special right now and the world is lapping it up.  That EP of his from a few weeks ago is a glaring example of his greatness, so if you don’t know already…umm..get to know sharpish!

AlunaGeorge – Superstar (GANZ Flip) Free DL by GANZ (NL)

So those three above are guys we’ve posted before. There are others in Holland who we haven’t posted and who we should. Two of them are included in this collection, and man oh man they belong just as much as the other three. First off we have Beaudamian (Soundcloud, Facebook), who is really in tune with his jukey side as well as his Jersey Club side as well as his heavy bass side and well he can do it all, really.

GANZ – CAN’T STOP (BeauDamian Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by BeauDamian

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have Guerilla Speakerz (Soundcloud, Facebook), a duo who combines a love for bass, dank perc’s, and haunting atmospheres. You remember the Dutch Hardcore Bass from the late 90’s? Well they take that bass and turn it so far on its side that you think the progenitors of that music from back in the day have died 5 times over and come back bigger, faster, and so much stronger.

Krampfhaft & Guerilla Speakerz – Razor by Guerilla Speakerz

So yeah….Doggtown. Get at ’em and get at each of ’em on the solo front. As you see above, they all not only deserve to be in the entire group’s company, but in your Social Networking feeds as well.

Welcome to Doggtown Vol.1 (Official Teaser) by Doggtown Records

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