Terrorhythms With The Great Turquoise

nullCompilations are my weakness, I must admit.  They are usually large packages of tunes that usually bring together artists that you might not have heard of before, and in a larger sense these are mostly free, which helps the wallet.  We actually just released one of our own, but this compilation is one of those that brings together some artists that we’re very aware of, and some that I’ve never heard of.  There are tunes here that need to be heard and when there are 15 tracks to be consumed with the utmost critical ear.

The compilation (available for free download HERE) is as a result of Terrorhythms gathering label artists and friends of the label to expose some of these releases, past and future, as well as bringing a great sound to the public in general.  We first heard of Terrorhythms with Ganz’s wonderful EP release ‘Purple Cwtch’ and now with this release, I’m fully hooked.

To the tunes now! The first tune below, Curl Up’s ‘computerus’ also opens up the compilation and really sets the tone. The chill intro sets a pastoral scene that by mid-trasck, you’ve been hurtled into a frantic club, as the faint Jersey Club beat takes control of the tune and your body.

curl up – computerus by terrorhythm

The next tune below is of an artist by the name of Alexandre, that employs equal parts tympanic bombast to a breakdown of string plucking lovely chill vibes. With the hip hop vocals permeating the tune, it reminds you of a more organic, more chill Polish Ambassador tune that could either glitch out at any second, or build towards a heavily trapped out tune. This tune instead stays responsibly melodic retaining the hints of Purple, to keep fans of many genres satisfied with this tune as well.

Alexandre – Bust Yo Dome by terrorhythm

Finally we have a tune from Jailo & Ganz, two Dutch producers on the serious come up. using a hilarious vocal sample as the background, the two construct a tune that is probably as happy as I’ve ever heard from either. This isn’t happy just to be happy though. Getting into some guitar riffing also adds an element I’d not heard from them, by the end I wasn’t sure what I was hearing, but I was digging all the same.

Jailo x Ganz – Casino Royale by terrorhythm

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