Stwo Remixing Cashmere Cat Like A Dream

What’s harder than creating a song that lives up to the caliber of a Cashmere Cat production? Remixing one…but thank God there are artists such as Stwo who posses the power to do so. “With Me,” has been an outstanding CC track since it dropped and this remix does exactly what it should- adds an extra dimension to the track and shows Stwo’s own flavor. By adding his own melodies and synthetic percussion, Stwo enhances “With Me,” and gives it a fresh sound. Even the addition of a heavy bass and syncopation turn this track on it’s head and shows how an artist can take something already beautiful and put their own spin on it. The way that Stwo seamlessly goes from his own newly added melodies back into the perfect chords of CC is truly amazing and creative.

This French artist has revitalized a track that needed no revitalization, but we are not upset about it at all.

Posted By: Skeems

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