Stèv’s New Album Takes Us Elsewhere

Stèv “So, who is Stèv?”, you might be asking. This was the initial question I asked when Loci Records announced  they would be releasing their third album. Loci had already brought us two albums that stayed on repeat in my playlists through out this year, Drum Therapy by Tor and label owner, Emancipator‘s own Dusk to Dawn. So to say my interest was peaked is an understatement. The initial announcement also brought with it a free preview of “Winter Train”, the first track from the five track EP. This was my first preview into the multi-instrumentalist producer, Stèv’s (Soundcloud, Facebook) world of talent.

The beautiful field recordings, live instrumentation, and smooth electronic elements blend perfectly and gave me enough of a taste to leave me waiting for this EP to drop, unabated since the announcement. Since this morning I have listened to these five tracks on repeat. For such a minimalistic approach to songs there is a lot going on in his tracks. It’s an experience I could waste the type describing but one that is better experienced by going over to the Loci Records Bandpage and checking it out for yourself

Winter Train

Flying Tissue

Hikikomori (引き篭り)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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