Soulular Firing Off His Heartblaster

Soulular’s new album ‘Heartblast’ is one of those efforts that shows us why we love the dude. He always brings out the emotive and melodic west coast bass, or glitch, or electronic music as a whole. This 7 track EP from the great dudes at Gravitas Music is no different.

The first tune, ‘Heartblaster’, gets you right in the bassed out feels with the vocal chops and the simple yet powerful synth line. Soulular knows how to tug at them stand in the middle of the room hugging yourself and gently swaying back and forth strings and he does it from the first track to the last.

The second tune here is also the second tune on the EP and it carries over from the really nice and melodic Heartblaster with some more melody, but with a more jaunty, bouncier feel. This tune, Soulular was nice enough to preview for me and I knew from this tune he was gonna have a successful effort, whether single, EP or album. Soulular’s a great producer and this EP displays that. He’s also a really nice guy, so if you see him at a show, give him a shout.

For those not lucky enough to see him play live, show him some virtual love by copping the album (HERE), and following him on those social networks (Soundcloud, Facebook).

Touch by ..::SOULUL∆R::..

Soulular – Heartblaster by Gravitas Recordings

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